myTeamWorks is a fast growing European Social Software company. Our vision and mission is to help organizations to deliver Social Business APPs independently of your existing choices of the enterprise social platform.

We offer a set of comprehensive enterprise-wide Social APPs that leverage the scope of Microsoft SharePoint to bring Business Value to your existing Enterprise Social Networking.

Microsoft has awarded us with the 2011 Swiss Partner of the Year.
Business Social Networking
myNetWorks offers organizations a new paradigm to manage traditional Intranet or Extranet projects, activate people and create a true networking culture, based on the multi-dimensional capabilities of social networking and collaborative work practices.
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Social Site Provisioning
mySpaceWorks is an Intranet based Social Collaboration APPs that empowers users to create their own collaborative spaces.
Social Innovation
myIdeaWorks is an Intranet based social innovation APP that directs the crowd to solve enterprise strategic challenges or simply foster ideas by simultaneously tapping into the intellectual power of employees and partners.
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Social Sourcing
myCareerWorks is an Intranet-based social collaboration APP where collaboration opportunities are published and can be searched for or browsed, thus enabling employees and managers to get in touch for an effective collaboration - regardless of the geographical or organizational barriers.
Mobile Business Appliance
myMobileWorks leverages the power of the cloud to grant you access to both your internal social platforms (e.g. myNetWorks, myIdeaWorks, mySpaceWorks) as well as to other business application that you may want to mobile enable.
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Social Collaboration
myContractWorks is an Intranet-based social collaboration APP to manage the contract life-cycle from the drawing up of a legal agreement to its permanent filing with a legally-valid signature, centrally managed for a specific department, a specific geography or for the entire organization.